South African Pinotage

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Originating from Western Cape province in South Africa, the country’s most notorious varietal is made up of hints of dark red fruits, vanilla and…bacon! A versatile red wine that is a pleasure consumed on its own, but really shines when paired with the right meals. A very subtle smokiness reminiscent of sweet unlit pipe tobacco makes its way to the nose when coaxed by proper temperature and decanting technique. Refreshing acidity and firm structure: an ideal candidate for aging!

FOOD PAIRING: Bison, roasted duck, and Italian thin-crust pizza.

COMMENTS: Age in the bottle for 6 months. Decant or let breathe prior to serving.

Pre-order | January 2021 - Available | February 2021

Body:4-Medium Full

Aroma: :Fruity, Herbaceous, Woody

Origin:South Africa


Winemaker addition:Dark Oak