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Nebbiolo is a wine of magnificent garnet-red color with a light purple hint at the rim. At a young age, it has notes of blackberries, violets and truffles on the nose, and with enough time in bottle; cedar and leathery nuances. The wine itself is splendidly robust, complex and full bodied. Its very noticeable tannins, evident acidity and overall herbal bouquet give it a fine roundness and it has a clean and lively attack thanks to its high level of alcohol. If it is given enough time to breathe before drinking, flavors of red fruits and spices become more evident.

FOOD PAIRING: Roast red meats, confit de canard, game and strongly flavoured cheeses.

COMMENTS: Expresses itself best at maturity although there is a strong temptation to drink this wine young.

Pre-order | January 2021 - Available | January 2021


Aroma: :Earthy, Floral, Fruity, Spicy, Woody



Winemaker addition:Dark Oak, Red Raisins