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Amorosso, a portmanteau name for the Italian words for ‘Love’ and ‘Red’, perfectly describes this wine; a ruby red color when young, which then deepens with age. The nose excites with hints of ripe cherries, plums and a touch of liquorice. Combined aromas of fruit, spices and dark coffee with pronounced tannins and a high alcohol content produce a dry robust wine with everlasting flavors on the finish. A fruity and liqueur-like wine is well balanced with a noble bitterness.

FOOD PAIRING: Pasta matched with a pesto or spicy tomato sauce, roast meats, and cheeses of the Parmesan style.

COMMENTS: May be enjoyed young but also has the ability for extended aging.

Pre-order | January 2023 - Available | January 2023


Aroma: :Fruity, Spicy, Woody



Winemaker addition:Dark Oak, Red Raisins