Our Guarantee

All Mosti Mondiale vinification products provide home winemakers with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy.


Quality Control

Every arrival of fresh grape must or concentrate at Mosti Mondiale is analyzed to determine that parameters tested meet our exacting requirements, or supplier specifications for each varietal. The Brix (sugar reading), pH, total acidity, total sulfur dioxide and colour are verified and adjusted (if need be) to optimize the final product, particularly in the instances of fresh grape must. It is our ability to balance and standardize the musts for consistency and weaknesses, if any, of a given year’s harvest.

If the product is pasteurized (shelf-stable), every blend (concentrate, semi-concentrate or sterile must) is checked for post-pasteurization/bagging microbiological contamination or viability. These tests are carried out in-house, as well as at an external lab for confirmation of results. Production lots are held in quarantine until quality control release and then forwarded to packaging.

Each production at Mosti Mondiale carries a designated 5 digits Lot Number (either stamped on the ID tag of fresh must pails or on a sticker on the cap of all shelf-stable bags or on its box). This Lot Number is an important component of our continued quality assurance and should be carefully recorded.

Continued monitoring for product stability is also periodically carried-out from stock inventory. A random sample is picked and tested against production specifications for compliance.


Technical Assistance

We seek to answer all questions to the best of our ability. If an answer cannot be found immediately, we will tap into the wide and varying experiences of the company’s staff and /or research the question from a network of various knowledgeable resources. We encourage our clients to broaden their understanding of the transformation of grape into wine (namely the ongoing biological and chemical process). We issue technical information sheets at regular intervals throughout the year on various topics of interest that have come up through discussions with our clients.


Our Quality Commitment

Mosti Mondiale stands behind every single home vinification product it produces and sells. Through our expertise, continued quality control and assurance, our commitment is simply to deliver the best quality products possible.

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