Mother’s Day Moscato Cocktails

Celebrate MOM !

For everything our Mom’s undeniably do for our families, this Mother’s Day celebrate her by trying one of our favorite MOSCATO wine cocktails.

MOSCATO wines can be used as an aperitif because it’s sweet, low in alcohol and incredibly easy to drink.

Follow these simple steps in the recipes below and ENJOY!


Moscato Campari Cocktail

Grapefruit is an ideal citrus fruit that pairs well with our AUSTRALIAN FRESCO, ORANGE MUSCAT


Fig Honey Thyme Moscato Cocktail

The sweetness of figs, honey and herbs blend extremely well for an expected burst of flavors with our MONDIALE FRESCO, MOSCATO


Our Fresh Grape Must vinifiaction products are ready in just 6 weeks !


Share with us… leave us your comments and photos with mom and her well deserved special MOSCATO cocktail.

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