Getting Started

Why make my own wine?

Foremost, we would like to mention that all of our vinification products are manufactured to the same standards of quality as commercial wine, leaving you with the easy part-fermentation. Our team and retailers can help you choose the right vinification product that best suits your needs and values, as well in guiding you through-out your winemaking experience.

Not totally convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should get started and make your wine at home.


There is no doubt about it, making your wine is pretty cost-effective. One « batch » will yields approximately 23 liters of wine (which is around 30 bottles of 750 ml), considerably reducing the cost per bottle. Not only will it be less expensive than buying a bottle at your local liquor store, but you will also discover a whole new world of premium quality wines at a fraction of the cost.


Winemaking is also about community.  Sharing moments and spending quality time together. Learn from other winemakers, share bottles, tips, experiences and discover a fun and collaborative world of vinification.


There is nothing like the rewards and satisfaction of making something yourself. To experiment and develop your craftmanship skills and share your experiences (and wines!) with the ones around you.


What more can we say? Imagine always having a bottle on hand, a cellar full of your own wine or be ready at any given time for a tasty wine apéro after work.


It’s all about using and reusing your wine bottles which reduces the consumption and waste of glass. Say it how you want, home vinification is certainly eco-friendly, green, environmentally responsible…


Believe us when we say that home vinification is far from being complicated. No experience is required and you absolutely don’t need to be an accomplished chemist to achieve amazing results. With the purchase of every product, we provide you with complete step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and will ensure that your wines meet and even exceed your expectations.

I want to know more about the journey ahead!

The first step in getting started into home vinification would be to make sure you are truly committed. What we mean by that even if making your wine is far from being rocket science, you will still need to be actively involved on a daily basis in monitoring the evolution of your wine. You will also need to carefully follow the instructions and be highly diligent about the sanitization of your equipment.

The good thing about home winemaking is that it doesn’t require much space to do it. Anywhere in your kitchen, basement or spare room is all that is required to make 30 bottles of wine.

A vast majority of retailers offer complete starter kits including all of these items and equipment. The good news is that this is a one-time investment cost that will last you for years. Depending on your selection, our vinification products can take between 4 and 8 weeks to be completed and ready to drink, and a little longer if you decide to let it age in the bottle  ̶  to unveil the wine’s full potential!

You will also need the essential equipment which would include:

  • 30L/8 US Gallon primary fermenter with lid
  • 23L / 6 US Gallon carboy
  • Airlock and bung
  • Hydrometer
  • Siphon Tube
  • Wine Thief
  • Long Mixing Spoon
  • 30 wine bottles (750ml) with corks
  • Corker
  • 200g/7.05 oz of Potassium Metabisulfite

Not yet ready… try Wine On-Premise

Still unsure about starting the great journey of making your wine at home?  There is another great way of getting all the perks of home vinification without having to do anything at home. Many of our product retailers also offer on-site winemaking services. What is on-premise / on-site winemaking? Basically, it means that for a pre-determined service fee, the retailer will do almost all of the work for you. All you will have to do is choose and pay for your wine, « pitch » (add) the yeast, and let the retailer take care of the fermentation, degassing, clearing, stabilizing and filtering steps, and then come back to bottle your wine. All necessary tools and equipment are provided on-site.

The word « kit »

If you are not completely new to the world of home winemaking, you may have noticed that we are not using the word « kit » to describe our products. This is a deliberate decision on our part because our roots are in fresh musts, which we’ve incorporated in all of our products and making wine from fresh must, by crushing and pressing grapes, is the traditional way of making wine. We also believe that even if a product that requires water to be added is technically called a « wine kit », we don’t consider our products to be « kits », but rather « vinification » or « winemaking » products.

Sharing Good Times & Good Wine

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